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Support Team Challenge!

I'm raising money for the CCFA's Team Challenge, an endurance training program designed to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis research and education. I'll be running the Napa to Sonoma half marathon in July, and have a goal of raising $5000 for the charity.

Please support my fund raising efforts at my donation website. Every little bit helps!

I'm also holding a raffle for those who donate. Most of the prizes are craft-related, primarily knitting and spinning. See the prizes to date at http://anotherpurl.typepad.com/weblog/team-challenge-raffle.html. I'll be posting new prizes each week.

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Running a Half Marathon

I'm running another half marathon this year - actually two. I'm currently training and training (and fundraising) for Boston's Run to Remember at the end of May and for the Napa Valley to Sonoma Half Marathon in July. The Napa Valley Half is part of Team Challenge, so I'm trying to raise money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. I love the fact that I can run, and while I am not the best runner on the block that it is something I can do and see improvement on. Of course, I'm not so good at the fundraising - big surprise there. I was looking at my logs yesterday, and from around the day I signed up for the Team Challenge half marathon, I've run over 43 miles. Not bad for under a month.

This weekend was my first real long run of the season. I trundled along with enochs_fable for just over 6 miles. With some moderate improvement and more work under my belt, I'm happily on track for a sub-two hour long race (I love the race projection calculator). Of course, right now I'm feeling a little under the weather, probably due to changes in same or allergies or a cold. I'm hoping to nip this thing in the bud soon, so I'll feel up to taking on my 4 mile run tomorrow morning.

Yeah, running! (And yeah for picking up a new running shoes over the weekend!)
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Not quite sick...

And not quite up to snuff.

I've spent the past few days being wobbly and disoriented, but going to work and doing almost all of my normal things anyway (no running, slightly less food). Mostly this takes place when I stand up and try to walk. I feel a bit dizzy and likely to either fall or crash into things. I had this issue a while ago, and was hoping it wouldn't come back. Yesterday, I felt like it was because I didn't eat much on Tuesday. As it is still happening today (albeit less), that's probably not why. Go fig.

So, I'm not going to run game on Friday. I'm going to figure out what I need to do for Saturday, work on homework and generally try and feel better, because work is this huge unending thing this week that is keeping me constantly busy (aka, no, I'm not going home).

Right now, my stomach is just saying that it has had a bit too much tannic (and other) acids and is grumbly. Hopefully everything will be better after my lunch meeting...

On the return

I got home safe and sound.
I had a lot of fun (Thank you, skatedate for crash space and accompaniment!) going all over the place.
I'm tired, so I am going to clean up and then go boom.
More later.
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Waffles without eggs

I wanted waffles this morning, but didn't have any eggs and cobbled something together loosely based on a recipe found from Fat Free (it's a vegetarian recipe archive, some of which are good and a lot of which are pretty odd).  Mine weren't fat free, but I used up a banana that I was too lazy to make into banana bread and a pint of blueberries that would possibly have gone bad if I hadn't gotten to them soonish (like by next Friday).


I'll be leaving the house around noon to make my way to Lush Beads.  I have a necklace that I need to finish and a few other projects I'd like supplies for.  I'll get my stuff and then come home and bead and knit until my brain explodes.  It's raining here, but I don't imagine that the rain is making the pathways currently any better.  Maybe in about an hour (because it is too late for me to leave and make the 12:10 commuter rail).

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It's the weather, shtupid.

I've been keeping a moderately close eye on the weather this weekend, because I have more outdoors time than normal.  I had mostly resigned myself last night to doing my run today on a treadmill as well.  Not too bad, but not as good for the legs as the street (if I were doing a half marathon on a treadmill, then I probably wouldn't give a bit of care to street running) in building up strength and stamina in the ankles and knees.

Yesterday morning it said it would snow today and tomorrow.
Now, it says instead that it will be cloudy today and rain tomorrow.

It looks like things will be a happy Go! for Saturday (I'll call and see if lizzielizzie shop is open), because I need some beading help and to buy gift items and hopefully supplies for another item I was hoping to make.  Thank goodness for payday and minor amounts of overtime.

Sunday involves waking up about nowish and running.  If I have to, I will do a shorter loop and do the rest of my run in the afternoon.  That would be weird.  Outdoors and running in the daylight feels unnatural after a while.

Leaving for the gym in about 20 minutes.  (There is more for this space, but my brain is empty and empty brains don't think of anything terribly exciting or nothing.)

Ooo! Pretty!

The pants I'm wearing to work today are about to fall off. *sigh* Crunches (well, except reverse crunches) don't feel like much of anything anymore. The pilates-style crunches are much more effective (read painful) and exciting to do.

So, I've been looking at the wonderful world of eBay and seeing if there were any treasures that would be appropriate for, well, anything: work, play, dancing, formal...

I've found these items:
Granted, these are just clothing items I've seen. I'm not really looking with any kind of focus (more of the spastic, ooh, that's pretty method).
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it's snowing

A light dusting of snow is coming down. I noticed it sometime shortly after I woke up, and went to one of the other rooms for a better view. My long run is today, and this will be a welcome change. Running in snow isn't necessarily harder than just running in the cold, but it is definitely prettier.

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My mouth is mostly feeling better from the tooth pulling. I didn't want to do anything Saturday morning as there was that stupid dull ache that mostly meant I noticed my jaw constantly. Eating is still a little difficult, but that is mostly because for some reason sandwiches are made huge! The right side of my mouth feels a little bruised from Friday, so eating a standard sub style sandwich is just much harder than normal. I've been drinking a lot more water than normal, because the idea of drinking soda for the last couple of days just felt wrong.

Maybe I'll finish something today. I'll get ready, do my run, and then come back and finish one of the socks from last year or something.