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01 October 2003 @ 08:09 am
The Accidental Taxi or Cab 246 Where Are You  
After rehearsal last night, meranthi and I decided we were going to catch the No 1 bus, not having enough time to make the 91 by walking. We were waiting in front of the infinite corridor, when a taxi driver, having picked up its fare, pulled a U-ey and hit a bicyclist. The guy on the bicycle got off and walked his bike to the curb where he spent a bit of time examining the wheel. The cab completed its U turn and stopped briefly shouting something out the window that was not very audible from where we were. The cab sped off.

I went over to the bicyclist with meranthi to see how he was doing. He pulled his leg out of the way, so he was fine. But his bike had a broken brake and the back wheel was definitely wobbling. I gave him the cab number, but we couldn't remember which cab company it is. (We think it was Ambassador cab), and he went home to call it in.

All in all, the trip home was much more exciting than it should have been.
Feeling like: surprisedsurprised