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08 October 2003 @ 09:50 am
Flame Retardant Boobies  
Today's Wall Street Journal had an article on polybrominated diphenyl ethers, the chemicals used for flame retardant furniture, plastics, and electronics. PBDEs, like many compounds known to be harmful to animals and people, has a tendency to build up in fatty tissues, making this a priority for reproductive age women. The current levels of these substances (two of the major PBDEs are found to build up in human tissue, the last currently does not appear to do so) is doubling every two to five years.

PBDEs have been found in breast tissue samples from cancer patients, breast milk (1998 Swedish study), and blood samples (circa 2000, Dr. Petreas, California). Animal studies show that high levels cause developmental disorders. These levels are currently 10 times the level found in humans today.

So, are your breasts fire proof?
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