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21 October 2003 @ 09:14 am
I have entered the special land  
So, between Ruddigore and what I want to do working out, I have entered the special land of "not enough sleep." This is impressive for me, because I don't really need that much. However, stress and being constantly on the go (and exercise to a certain extent) mean that I need more. So, I get home from rehearsal, exhausted, but not ready for sleep. Consequently, I stay up too late.

I woke up at 0600 out of the blue. I could have gone to the gym, but instead I took my shower and read for a bit. I will get to try out my "express workout" for the first time today. It's not too bad all told.

I am working (well, I was - I just finished something), and life is good.
Feeling like: Bliss :)
the name of dogenochs_fable on October 21st, 2003 08:43 am (UTC)
sounds like...
perhaps you need a winding down ritual? something to do a short while before you're actually going to try to go to bed to let your body know that you're getting ready for sleep? Read for a bit? Do a yoga stretch? (I have a book of basic poses if you care)

(for me it's easy - I take out my lenses awhile before bed)