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05 December 2003 @ 04:24 pm
36 minutes  
Here I am sitting at my desk, being bad. There are 5 people total in the library (3 reference, 1 other, and myself in the back). I finished 23 files, and I am trying to convince myself to do another one or two.

So, instead. I listen to one of my CDs - pop! And out comes silly "Tokyo Connection" jpop collection. It has music from Ulfuls and Yumi Arai and other random people. Most of the people I have never heard of elsewhere. Well, except for Kuroyume and Arai (Arai does the music for Kiki's Delivery Service/Japanese, though her name might have been different then).

So, jpop!
Feeling like: sillysilly
Listening to: The Last Lie