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08 December 2003 @ 10:11 am
'Cause I'm a nut *tock**tock*  
So, I am snow giddy, and proud of it. Before anyone can deride my happiness, I will admit that I spent at least 2 hours shoveling over the course of the two days (mostly because the last time I went out yesterday I was digging out car and the time before that was pre-neighbors with snowblowers). I have a happy tired back, and sore thighs, but my arms are a-OK. (Mostly because I lift with my legs as much as my arms.)

And I want more. I wanted this snow - not that I wanted it to interfere with meranthi's flight, but I wanted the snow anyway. It has been too long since the last significant fall.

I went to D&B's to finalize new character and play games, so jiggliusceasar and I went out. I trudged the way, breaking the drifts with my clodhopper boots and overalls. Fun was had by all, and home we went. The snow against the dark sky looked like stars falling from heaven. It was beautiful and made for a happy day.

Other things were also good this weekend (though I didn't get any cleaning really done). jiggliusceasar, autumnesquirrel, and I put up the Christmas/Yule triangle. He took pictures and we piled up the carefully wrapped gifts (and I should get more paper for gifts this week! Mmmm, pretty paper.)

Things mostly got done, which was very good.
Feeling like: happyhappy
Listening to: Hitomi - Mistake (Japan-A-Radio - Anime Music & Japanese Pop (JPOP / Anime))
the name of dogenochs_fable on December 8th, 2003 07:42 am (UTC)
I missed not having you guys over for Sunday, but I think it just would have been tempting fate!