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15 December 2003 @ 11:21 am
A week of appointments  
So, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and a doctor's appointment on Friday. We'll see if I can finish getting things done before I have my MedCap run out - including a new pair of glasses (making my current pair the backup pair).

I hate doctor's visits. I never had insurance coverage consistently as a child, so I was accustomed to waiting it out, whatever it happened to be. The few times I went, the ailment turned out to be of the "stupid" variety - things that I should have known or been able to fix on my own or waiting it through for a couple of days. However, after surgery, I have taken a slightly more preemptive strike view on my health. If something doesn't go away over the course of a weekend, I schedule an appointment.

The same thing goes for the dentist. I have an appointment to see how the deep cleanings took (so extra flossing for my teeth tonight) and to fill my cavities. I'll pay my bill, get a receipt (actually two, one for this work and one for the previous visit) and fill out the forms for MedCap later this week.

So, until Friday I remain a constantly itchy, twitchy person who is trying to make Christmas presents! (Because I didn't get them all done for Saturday.)
Feeling like: itchy