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18 March 2004 @ 09:17 am
I am currently practicing stripes. The grey and blue scarf I was working on for my father is going to be pretty much retired. It was my first attempt at stripes and I just carried the thread up the sides. I didn't really have any idea how I was going to deal with the yarn up the sides, and now that I know what I will have to do, I think I will just start fresh.

So, I have been practicing stripes with what will be both the shortest and gayest scarf ever. It is lavender and light teal-ish blue stripes (hey, it is what I had on hand - much cheaper than going out and buying more yarn) done up in two row-wide stripes. Not too bad all things told.

I think I have over a foot, but I am nearing the end of the ball of teal-ish blue already, so it isn't going to get much (if any) longer than that. I might look at the instructions for the keyhole scarf, because that is the only way I can think to make a really short scarf work for anyone. Where, in this case, anyone is a child under 12.

Yeah scarf (yeah, the soon ability to make something other than scarves).
Feeling like: crafty