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01 April 2004 @ 12:11 am
It's like a book of days  
So, yesterday (well, really Tuesday) I was chastised for being on the internet too much. I went through a few hoops and found a simple, expedient way to block most web sites. I proceeded to block livejournal and allow simply the sites I use for work (I have since added a few more sites). Because it is password locked and uses my password, it isn't like I couldn't add bad sites or view livejournal for that matter, but I have put another step into the equation.

Work today sucked. My job was boring when I first got it, but after over a year of doing the same thing even the minor variations are not really anything new but are jangled notes only slightly out of tune. Heck, even the extra work from meranthi being on maternity leave doesn't make this interesting.

However, today (April 1) I am off work for wedding planning fu. So, tonight (March 31), I went with S and R to Manray. They wanted an introduction and I wanted to both go dancing and to go sometime other than Halloween.

Now, two Blue Hawaiian's later, I feel floaty, and am going to attempt dinner (nothing was appetizing before now). I had a good time. Heck, I actually danced, which I was too nervous to do the first time I was there. Maybe I will go more frequently now that it doesn't feel so scary. It is nice to move without it being regimented by a game or a class or the simple pace of the treadmill.

And it means I don't feel so guilty about not making it to the gym this morning, because I certainly made my legs work tonight. My method of dancing (when I am not specifically trying to remember the modern dance class I took a few years ago) is mostly based on the plethora of step aerobics classes I took and a few more squats than anyone's knees could readily want. I danced. Heck, even the downstairs neighbor (S) danced.

But now I am tipsy, at home, making dinner, and about to knit a few more rows to the scarf before jigglius comes home and wants to go to bed.

It's a wonderful day.
Feeling like: floaty
Listening to: random club music
Sweet and plain unsingable name: dances with ninjasgeorgy on April 1st, 2004 01:51 am (UTC)

If you go again, I'd be game. :-D
the name of dogenochs_fable on April 1st, 2004 05:35 am (UTC)
dancing! cool. Is Manray still smoky?

Man, as someone who is in a similar mindless job, I feel your pain. I'd go insane if I couldn't look at LJ and other sites, (or at least read email) but have figured out the appropriate ways of doing so and not getting thwacked for it. Still, sometimes my will is weak.