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18 October 2002 @ 03:45 pm
The Grand Mess  
My apartment is a mess.

I am not talking the run of the mill, Shawna hasn't cleaned in six months mess. I am speaking of the Shawna has started to clean her room mess. The mess that precedes the bliss (however brief) of a bright clean room.

I have a load of laundry in the wash and another one (or two) in the kitchen waiting to be brought down. My dresser drawers are on the couch, my dresser is in the kitchen in front of the stove, and there are piles of books and odds and ends all over the place. The place where I intend to move my bed has been swept clean, so that once I have moved it, I can put the dresser back. Until that time (probably around 4:30), the apartment is a tornado zone. I am still removing things off the bed now in order to move the stone-age horror, but I only should have one or two loads left.

And thus the saga begins.

Oh, and I got my character for The Chelmsford Incident. And it is only about five months before the Con! Sweet!
Feeling like: energeticenergetic
Listening to: Escaflowne Theme (loud)