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18 October 2002 @ 05:03 pm
Dresser and bookshelves moved  
Well, my dresser didn't fit where I wanted it to without moving the bookshelves first, so I have moved the bookshelves (which involved deshelving the largest of the three bookshelves and carefully moving the other two. So, now the three bookshelves in my room are moved, my dresser is in place, and I should go downstairs and change the laundry over (my bedding stuff is in the washer, so I want that soon).

Now it is garbage bag time. I wonder if I will finish before meranthi gets home from gaming? I hope so. Definitely garbage bag time though.

I currently have a short path running to the middle of my room. I have some books on my bed, which I need to move. I switched my bookshelves, so I have to shift about 100 to 200 books to put them back into alphabetical order. And I need to remember to leave enough space for the books I will invariably find as part of the various piles across my room.

But I have only been at this for about 1.5 hours. Not too bad.
Feeling like: sweaty
Listening to: Ice Blue Eyes