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18 October 2002 @ 06:06 pm
The Saga Continues  
My room. Two trash bags. One cardboard box of little cardboard box pieces. Two emerging piles. About two feet remaining till I hit the wall (literally), in one direction. Then five feet each in the remaining directions.

Why did I want to clean my room again? Oh, right, I wanted to move my bed (and maybe leave it couch shaped most of the time, but probably not) in an attempt to convince myself to sleep lengthwise on my bed rather than crosswise. It's silly with a bed just long enough to fit my body that I insist on sleeping with my legs dangling off the edge.

And like anyone needed to know that.

Heh. I wonder if I am nice and bat my eyelashes at Tim if he will package my comics up and put them in my comic book boxes. That would at least get some of the crud off of my bed. Hrm.

Time to finish with the two trash bags and small cardboard box of cardboard box bits. And then dinner before part two of dominating my roomspace.
Feeling like: productiveproductive
Listening to: silence, which I will change soon with the CD player in my room