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18 October 2002 @ 10:19 pm
It is done  
My room is as spotless as 6.5 hours of Shawna work can make it. The floor is visible except in the area where the laundry is waiting for me to say Sunday is laundry day, there are only a couple of spots that have anything on the floor, and those are baskets that I will organize tomorrow morning. Now I just wait for my laundry to get done, so I can put clean bedding on my futon.

My bookshelves are reorganized, my incense is out and happily burning, and I now officially know that I do not have enough space for more books. Soon I will be stacking all of my soft covers on their sides for more bookie goodness.

Wow, my room is clean. Now I just have another two rooms to square away (kitchen stays mostly clean because I wash the floor and dishes get done, etc) before Thanksgiving, when hopefully throngs of people will descend upon the home cooked meal like vultures without dissentary.

Yeah, me!

And I trashed lots of things from EchoMail. Yeah, verily did I toss the EPRI proposal materials, and also did I toss much marketing and book research into large black bags.
Feeling like: accomplishedaccomplished
Listening to: was savatage but now is nothing