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06 December 2004 @ 03:36 pm
And a woman brings death  
This weekend was pretty good all told. I had fun in the Saturday game (which at one point was a rare occurrence) even if Burly decided to be extra argumentative (which doesn't work when I am being particularly inarticulate). Not too bad overall. We have a plan even if I forget what it is by this Saturday.

Sunday was better (never a surprise). My little French girl gave someone a second chance and was rebuffed in an unfortunately damaging way (not surprising to either me or her). So, she pulled one of her little tricks and managed to not die again! (Though she is pretty sure that she has died once in a certain sense. Anyway, it's all Jonas' fault.) The short version leaves out the flavor of the game entirely, but it is such a rich experience in both the story and the player interaction that I am not sure I could put it in a few short paragraphs without sounding like a pathetic fan girl.

After game, I went and snarked at Spiderman 2. I don't have quite the same views on the movie as jigglius does, but I was so punchy that there was only the ability to snark at the physics (and other things) featured within. I got to bed after midnight (there was an accident on the road and I was a little too punchy to easily sleep).
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