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21 October 2002 @ 05:45 pm
And stuff  
by Peter Dee (but not really)

Cookies are almost ready for the oven. I have a bit more flour to mix in and the oven to deal with. Not too shabby for someone who almost took a nap when she came home in preference to cooking. But I want to get my package out to my mom tomorrow, which entails finishing the cookies.

When I get the cookies done, and finish the two loads of laundry that are part of my to do list for today, I will still have 14 items left. This is why I should attempt to have productive weekends. Some of these items (like the laundry for one) are multipart projects or otherwise normally occur on the weekend.

And so, I will be working on my freelancing stuff well past my normal cut off time of 6:00 p.m. and will probably write until about 11:00 tonight when I suffer a minor episode of cognitive dissonance and fall asleep.

But the upshot of the work I have done today is I have nine sets of queries/guidelines to work on for various articles. At which point, I will go through my bookshelf next to my computer and see what books can be moved to one of the shelves in my room in order to put my copy of Writer's Handbook back out here.
Feeling like: thoughtfulthoughtful
Listening to: Black - Pearl Jam