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22 October 2002 @ 08:50 pm
I am sort of dying my hair  
I picked up a trial size of some blonde hair dye at Harnetts on Saturday. It is only supposed to be for a strand test, but my hair is very short. So, I mixed it with hot water (and using the alternate directions some Earl Grey as the best "black" tea I had around at the time and some lemon, which wasn't in the directions), and have liberally doused my bits of hair. Now it is dribbling all over the place and I will rinse it off in about 25 minutes (because I have been doing the hair dye thing for so long that I cease to follow instructions - for the color I am using they suggest 15).

If my hair has fallen off, you can all say I told you so. But hopefully I will have either achieved golden brown, which works a bit better with the black on top, or I will have at least different bits of blonde than before.

I just can't stand my normal hair (even though it generates the same level of compliments as my funky hair).
Feeling like: anticipating
Listening to: I am your private whirr-er