September 7th, 2002


It was a Gaming Weekend

I am home now after a blissful gaming weekend (which in my case was about 5 full gaming hours). It was tons of fun, and I got to play with a lot of new and old people. I also found out that apparently people remember me from the other two or three I have gone to.

I started by finishing the write up for Razza, my monk in today's d20 game. She needed to have all of her leveling stuff done asap. I still have one or two things I need to do, but I need the numbers from Tim for it. I believe my email is currently fritzy (I need to call Primus and pay them the 33$ payment for this month and set a real shutoff date or something like).

I then joined Q, Android, Jony and someone else I don't know the name of for a game of Citadel. Way cool, especially because Q was being very predictable (I thank Android for telling all of us Q's normal habits before we started play). It allowed a side game to develop among those of us who picked our roles near the end. We would see what we could set as Q's role.

Afterwards a small group of us played Pit until Jony left, and then we switched into the Speed Uno game that was forming. Lots of fun, and a good reason for me to keep a set of four soda caps. Then we played Beans (the trading got more than a little silly with Noah winning and Alice coming in second and me third because of our mega monopoly strategies).

After Beans, Noah and Alice left and we looked for something else to play. If I hadn't had gaming today I am sure I would have stayed. There was a Care Bears Call of Cthulu game I really wanted to play. *sigh* But we played Katzenjammers, a cross between Bridge and Rummy, where you bid cards (which if you win bid, you discard) and then try to make melds of four cards. Lots of fun, but we definitely needed to work on some variants for six players.

Oh, there were plenty of Intercon C flyers about, but it didn't seem like anyone there was interested in looking at them. Caprio brought them in, which was great because my printer has no ink.

So, I have a few LARP ideas that I will need to write out sometime, and this is the weekend (well, Sunday), where I will do the bulk of this month's outreach. So, consider this message (if you bother to read it and you aren't already signed up,) as a request to check out Intercon C and sign up, because there are a lot of cool games this time round.

Hrm. Well, I have gaming in a little over seven hours, so I should probably stop all of this and turn off my alarm clock and catch a few zzzs. Time to go!

Oh, and I got Pepsi Blue!! Woohoo!