September 8th, 2002


Is it allergies or what?

So, I got up this morning after trying to recover from yesterday's game (and subsequent, let's play a game - which I lost three times in a row) and the highly altered sleep schedule of Saturday, to still itchy eyes and a stuffed up nose and a scratchy throat.

My nose is often stuffed up, but the other two symptoms aren't quite so common. Yesterday I had cat and dust. It could be allergies, because I don't know what I'm allergic too. Maybe it will go away by tomorrow.

Please go away by tomorrow.
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Cooking Shtuff

Well, I was reading staralshain's journal entry about Congress Cooks, when I remembered that I told people I was going to make fresh French Vanilla ice cream for Wednesday. So, I decided I was going to look for a good recipe, because modifying my chocolate ice cream recipe didn't work so well last time (the chocolate ice cream, by the way, is really good).

So, if anyone wants to come by (if you know where I live) on Thursday to scarf down the vanilla ice cream that I don't bring to gaming on Wednesday, please let me know. I would be happy to feed people. (especially as I should be mostly coherent at that point)

I found the recipe I'm using at the Family Fun site (Making French Vanilla Ice Cream). All the recipes looked a lot better than the site I normally go to:

Maybe I'll add white chocolate pieces to it.
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