September 9th, 2002


Aieee! The Good and the Bad

No ugly.

Today, despite the heat, was pretty splufty in a ton of ways. I got off work at 1:20 (crazy hungry), and headed to Harvard Square for the "I'm a temp and here are my test scores" portion of the interview from last week. They were impressed by my scores (duh, exactly how hard is Microsoft Office and some typing anyway), and asked me to call them on the 17th or so (so they can start looking for an assignment the week of the 23rd). Not too bad.

I proceeded to make my way home (taking the bus to escape some of the crazy heat) with the intention of taking a shower when I got home. I got in, picked up the mail, and noticed the answering machine blinking like a mad god.

The phone call: A woman from Bingham McCutchen called to see if I was available for an interview for the resume I sent (through Eeeeka) for a position in the library. I called back and left a message (and apparently sounded competent). I waited rather than getting right to the shower, and about 10 minutes later she called back. I have an interview for Wednesday morning for a part-time job in the library doing boring filing stuff. But that's OK, because if I get the job, it means benefits, the time to freelance, and the ability to pay rent and/or credit card bills each month (rather, all of rent and at least part of credit card bills). Hot diggity.

The bad: I got a letter from my mom, which was great despite the fact that Dad is still being like the wind from the butt cheeks of the world. Umm, yeah. But it turns out that my brother got a motorcycle about two weeks ago, passed the safety course and got his license, and then less than a week ago had an accident. Not a little accident, but an ACCIDENT. He is (well, as of the 4th when my mom wrote the letter) at Maine Medical on morphine. He had pins put into his ankle, has something wrong with his knee, and needs skin grafts. But with careful attention to his physical therapy (six months of therapy), he shouldn't have any lasting health problems. *sigh*

And I am still hoping to hear from the editor about the first set of freelance articles, which I am now resending her (so she doesn't forget). :P
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