September 13th, 2002



Well, I went into work this morning with Eeeeka (duh) to interview for a library filing position. I met with the HR department and then with Trish and Gina.

I am not the top candidate. There is a woman who is a library director at another local law firm. She'll get first dibs. But hopefully she won't want it.

The position would be Monday through Friday, four to five hours a day. Hopefully the other four candidates (that woman and three others) will decide that they really are grossly overqualified and I will get the job.

Wish me luck, please!

Red Soda

There is a special joy in soda brand honesty.

I drink "Red Soda." This is a Walgreens soda brand (which I am drinking now) that is purportedly strawberry-cherry, but is really red. In fact it proclaims its color in packaging and product and with a large label.

It's wonderful.

This is also the same reason I like Pepsi Blue.