September 16th, 2002


Kitchen appliances

Well, my ice cream maker is temporarily broken. I am going to check tonight when I am home what the part number is and if there is a number to call for replacement parts.

Otherwise, it's back to ebay I go to buy another ice cream maker (it cost less than 20$ last time including shipping). It's certainly an appliance I use often enough to justify the purchase cost.

The amount of times I use my ice cream maker and my rice cooker makes me wonder if I would use a bread maker enough to justify buying one at some point. Heh.

When Fridges Fail

Or otherwise known as why I could starve working at Berklee.

There is no refrigerator, no microwave, no toaster. The food you bring should be good if let sit at room temperature. This eliminates a wide range of food. More if you don't like your pb&j to get soggy. I've spent a portion of this morning looking for alternatives.

So far, I have two or three really good alternatives: Stuffed potato bread (which can be modified for a number of stuffings), sushi rice (which is supposed to be room temperature), or a chilled bean salad.
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Dancing in the rain...

Ah, I just had my lunch. Chilled chowder with biscuit while sitting in the rain.

I love the rain, even when it is cold and driving. It tried to come down in a solid sheet, drowning me.

I think one of the things that makes the cold rain so wonderful is my perverse nature that delights in whatever the people around me are complaining about. A little old lady complained about the rain and that made it immeasurably better.
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