September 23rd, 2002


Day of the Temp, Part I

I am sitting at my computer, listening to the sounds of traffic from 93. I have already called agency one and been told to check in later. I will call agency two around 10:00 or 10:30 and probably be told to check in later.

That ephemeral time, later.

I wish I had a job alert pager, so I would just know to call in when they have a job that is a good fit (or even a mediocre fit) for me. This business of calling in just to let them know that you are still alive is the worst part of being a temp.

Now it is time to check out applying to agency three, and then work my brain into editor goo.

Other News:
A fit of allergies or stealth cold, causing minor amounts of coughing (nothing like Eeeeka's) and a non-minor amount of sneezing. I could now repaint the apartment in snot... but I won't.
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Glorious Ringing of Bells

I have the job. What job, you may ask. I have just (well, a while ago but I decided to finish my shower first) been offered the library filing position at Bingham McCutchen (spelling of second name unknown) to start on Monday.

So, once again I will be able to pay bills and rent and still have the time to work on Freelance Writing (which I should definitely work on this week mega time).

Woohoo! And hopefully this means that meranthi will get a nice bonus.
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Enter Subject Here

What a nice day. I have had decent things happen to me. There is nothing on the work this week radar (that whole temp stuff), but if I am going to start a part-time job on Monday, that's OK.

I am about to put aside my edits and the rest of my work (which I will finish tonight lying decadently in bed) in favor of cross-stitch. I think I have done just enough with the recycling. The editing isn't terribly difficult, but my brain is giving me the finger and leaving me to my own devices now.

Oh, and later I should make my brain finish the darn letter to my mom.
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