September 25th, 2002


Minivacations, and other days of little worth

I know I should be cleaning the kitchen, or my bedroom, or the pile of stuff next to my desk, but it is hard to care. Next week I start a new job, and I will have my afternoons still free to procrastinate on that whole cleaning thing. And I have done all of the important things I should be doing (yeah, game shtuff).

It's nice, because I can spend the time catching up and starting a routine again for things like cross-stitch. My last full-time job really sucked that whole will to live out of me, and cross-stitch is definitely one of the activities I do in order to maintain sanity.

So, now that the edits are done (as far as I know) and I can think about cleaning and cooking and carb loading... umm, whatever, I am going to make lunch and sit back to stitch until it is time for dinner tonight. Then I will feel joy and happiness upwelling from the dark recesses of my soul, scouring me gray all over.

Umm, yeah. Maybe we need to get more slimy green evil. I think the pink dish detergent has gone to my head.

But yeah, cross-stitch, japanese music, and food-like objects.
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    Escaflowne (why don't they have quirky for a mood)