September 26th, 2002


Game Fu

I played Warcraft III (borrowed) for about 40 minutes this morning, having failed at least three times to complete the mission.

My conclusion: Time trials suck.

I am not fast in real life. I can run and swim and still be passed by a power walker out on a light stroll around the neighborhood. This extends to most video games. Now, I did beat Pillars of Garendall without too much problem, and will eventually download the rest of the PoG toys to play with, and I am decent at arcade-style games, but there is nothing that seems to help me in strategy games. And that includes strategy.

Working under the handicap of my traitorous mouse just means that I can't get to the proper screen in time to do anything in a fight. I never have enough gold to handle the influx of enemy troops, and even working to split their forces doesn't give me much to work on for long.

Maybe I should go back to Maelstrom. At least there I can enjoy the Army of Darkness sounds (the Monty Python ones are bad enough to not want to load again. You have no idea how annoying it is to have your gun go Ni!) mixed with Star Wars images.

Heck, better yet. I should just continue with the tabletop and LARPs. When is my next D&D session?
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