September 27th, 2002


Even More Banned Books

Wow. I always like getting the reminder about this year's (decade's) banned books. It constantly amazes me what childhood favorites (and teen, and adult) have managed to obtain the dubious honor of most challenged and banned.

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All told, I have 30 books on that list. Mostly because I read way too much Judy Blume growing up, and the lit I read in school. I think there are another four or five on that list, but I can't remember if I have read them.

And now the question, what happened to Clockwork Orange? I read that in high school and expected to see it here.
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I shouldn't listen be listening to Joseph


I keep wondering if the reason why the brothers got so little money for Joseph was that they called the Ismaelites (spelling optional) a "Hairy bunch of Ismaelites." I don't think I would like that even if it were 1) true, or 2) socially acceptable.

Granted, this is listening to the musical, which is only like the Bible under a superficial reading.

T-minus 2.5 days to new job

Monday will find me in black clothing, nice, neat, and corporate.

Now what will I do with my hair (my nifty hair gene is trying desperately to override my sense of corporate responsibility)? Maybe black, maybe red... It's been quite some time since I have been a red head (maybe November).