October 3rd, 2002



Strangeness today.

I got home from work and finished my review of more clothing sites than I could shake a stick at, and I am only in the Gs (list sorted alphabetically).

I look at them, knowing I can't buy anything, and not really knowing what I am looking for.

Well, I do know. In part. I still want the large full back tattoo (so, I thrive on what might be called pain), and I have been more or less day dreaming and looking for a nice top to showcase said art work.

If that were all. I have been thwarted in my attempts this year to have a cool costume that would be 1) appropriate for dancing, and 2) more modest than my costumes of the past two years. Now I am looking for options that are decidedly more affordable and yet still fill my requirements for the coolness quotient.

Affordable and cool would definitely be manageable if I didn't look at every item that might possibly be affordable (when I get paid in two weeks) with the "could I wear that to work" gene.

Granted, I have an idea that would only require purchasing one item rather than a wig and over 10 yards of fabric. But that one item also is not necessarily work appropriate. Ah well.
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Anyone want to hear a speech?

I was going through my tapes, looking for something interesting to listen to when I found a number of tapes that I either transcribed or meant to transcribe (unpaid) when I was at EchoMail.

Other than the couple that are tapes of Shiva speaking either about something I was writing a case study about or material for his book, there is also a real gem.

Yes, that's right. You, too, can listen to Representative Bill Bass (R-NH) speak about something. And despite writing a press release about his speech, I couldn't tell you what he is talking about.

So, anyone want a tape of Rep. Bass? Please?

Going cheap to a deserving home near you.
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