October 4th, 2002


I think every day is Monday

This week has just been like that. I go to work, have adequate amounts of fun filing (I am built for that), and then go home and have a shitty time the rest of the day or till 5:00/6:00 p.m. when other people achieve home.

And it isn't my attempts to find freelance writing assignments. It's little things like companies that use the web as one of their main contact points not listing a phone number to be reached at for inquiries (or in my case serious rantage).

And I have gaming in about two hours. I should finish a couple of short tasks I wanted to do and then take my second shower of the day, because those two tasks are messy.

I really hope Christine makes cookies tonight, because when I get home from gaming I can definitely see eating one or two or three (but not more than three).
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Magic Mushrooms

I have magic mushrooms for my game tonight. I need to remember to bring them.

I think I also ought to bring some cross-stitchy goodness with me, if I can decide which of my projects is both accessible (findable), and either small enough or easy enough to do when generally conversing before game stuff happens.

Can anyone recommend a running group in the Cambridge/Somerville area? I want to run, but I don't like to run along the street by myself.
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What can happen in 15 minutes

I got out of the shower and got into the clothing I was wearing for work (I took it off for the messy jobs). But I was still feeling blue, so I decided to brighten things up a bit.

Unfortunately for some people that means Shawna went overboard.

And I'll get to see what reactions my fellow gamers will display tonight.

I could describe this all now, but I need to take out the trash to the can out back. So, for those in the know, think robot dog minus the full silver skin.

End of Week One Alert: I managed to not bark at work all week, despite meranthi's best efforts. Hurrah, me!
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