October 10th, 2002


Intercon related "happiness"

I really like Intercon. It is the one convention I try and make time for each year (though I am likely to want to try AnimeBoston), because it is local, involves people from outside New England that I don't get to see very often, and other good things.

However, because I liked Intercon I decided to help this year. I was the only person volunteering to work for Outreach, and so now I feel stuck, trapped, and otherwise unenthused about the con experience as a whole.

In the time I have been trying (and variously pretending) to work outreach, I have managed to never get the documents listing college contacts, only rarely be told when someone has sent out or mailed flyers, and otherwise been made to feel highly inadequate based on the idea that this task is not something I really want to do.

So, now I have a message from ye olde Con Chair over a week since I sent my original missive:

           	the question is can you keep track of who has placed
	fliers where, as well as making sure that various places  where
	potential attendants go are covered?  Also, folks would like more
	reports of what outreach is doing.  If you can step up to
	more active role, then please continue as head of outreach and we
	can work out a plan of what to do these next couple of months.
	If, for some reason, your current schedule prevents you from doing
	this, then let's discuss who would be a good person to delegate

I think he missed the point of my message was that I do not feel up to doing outreach and do not want to be doing outreach. Heck, I barely hear from the other members of ConCom to know when/where they have placed flyers. How do you expect me to work this.

So, consider this my outreach effort for today. Intercon C is the largest all-genre, all-LARP convention in New England, featuring more than 30 games. More information about the games can be found at:

Intercon C

Please sign up today (if you haven't done so already).
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Stitch and Inu (Onna no)

Umm, yeah.

In about 20 minutes, I leave the beautiful and soothing area of my computer with cross-stitchy goodness in hand to attend the "Open Stitch Night" at Cross-Stitch Unlimited.

I have my current project, thread and fabric and pattern for a second project (in case there is no #12 ecru perle cotton to be had), and a completed project that I should wash and block sometime this weekend.

You'd think there was some kind of productive going on.

I think the cold sweats are over, and I can start being functional again. (we'll see tonight)
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