October 13th, 2002


When the day is grey

I have been sitting in my apartment for most of the day trying to get the enthusiasm together to watch anime or write or work on the plethora of odds and ends I want to do before I go to work tomorrow morning.

It appears that instead I am thinking about hot cocoa and naps. It isn't depressing but vaguely pleasant. But at the same time I wish there were people around (no, Tim is not chopped liver, but I don't really want to think about gaming or GURPs right now).

Waiting for the silly nail polish to dry, and then it is nap time.
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And now I am differently sleepy

Four days of fever earlier this week combined with nightmarish dreams of library filing to make the 11 or more hours a day I was sleeping less than restful. I would get up in the mornings with an image in my head (one was being in a dress made from RIA documents, huh?) and plod through work and get home and sleep some more.

So, as day two (or 2.5) of no fever dreams roles by, I took my nap and with no one to wake me up, got up 4.5 hours later as my body said, "It's time to go to work..."

Evil body. But at least none of the dreams I experienced had an iota to do with work. Yeah, rest of me! But now I want to hang out with people and do things (now that I am functional enough to input into conversations and not just stare blankly at walls), but everybody is out.

Maybe this is a sign that I should watch anime or pop in a Japanese language CD and eat something that isn't pasta shaped.
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    Ayashi no Ceresu theme (stupid dvd)