October 18th, 2002


The Grand Mess

My apartment is a mess.

I am not talking the run of the mill, Shawna hasn't cleaned in six months mess. I am speaking of the Shawna has started to clean her room mess. The mess that precedes the bliss (however brief) of a bright clean room.

I have a load of laundry in the wash and another one (or two) in the kitchen waiting to be brought down. My dresser drawers are on the couch, my dresser is in the kitchen in front of the stove, and there are piles of books and odds and ends all over the place. The place where I intend to move my bed has been swept clean, so that once I have moved it, I can put the dresser back. Until that time (probably around 4:30), the apartment is a tornado zone. I am still removing things off the bed now in order to move the stone-age horror, but I only should have one or two loads left.

And thus the saga begins.

Oh, and I got my character for The Chelmsford Incident. And it is only about five months before the Con! Sweet!
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The bed is moved.

The bed is moved, and now I get to take large trash bags to the piles of stuff that I just pushed against the wall. I need to clear the area to move the cinderblocks properly.

So, I am about 25 percent of the way done. Because moving furniture is actually worse than going through and saying, I guess I can throw this away.

And tomorrow is garbage day!
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Dresser and bookshelves moved

Well, my dresser didn't fit where I wanted it to without moving the bookshelves first, so I have moved the bookshelves (which involved deshelving the largest of the three bookshelves and carefully moving the other two. So, now the three bookshelves in my room are moved, my dresser is in place, and I should go downstairs and change the laundry over (my bedding stuff is in the washer, so I want that soon).

Now it is garbage bag time. I wonder if I will finish before meranthi gets home from gaming? I hope so. Definitely garbage bag time though.

I currently have a short path running to the middle of my room. I have some books on my bed, which I need to move. I switched my bookshelves, so I have to shift about 100 to 200 books to put them back into alphabetical order. And I need to remember to leave enough space for the books I will invariably find as part of the various piles across my room.

But I have only been at this for about 1.5 hours. Not too bad.
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The Saga Continues

My room. Two trash bags. One cardboard box of little cardboard box pieces. Two emerging piles. About two feet remaining till I hit the wall (literally), in one direction. Then five feet each in the remaining directions.

Why did I want to clean my room again? Oh, right, I wanted to move my bed (and maybe leave it couch shaped most of the time, but probably not) in an attempt to convince myself to sleep lengthwise on my bed rather than crosswise. It's silly with a bed just long enough to fit my body that I insist on sleeping with my legs dangling off the edge.

And like anyone needed to know that.

Heh. I wonder if I am nice and bat my eyelashes at Tim if he will package my comics up and put them in my comic book boxes. That would at least get some of the crud off of my bed. Hrm.

Time to finish with the two trash bags and small cardboard box of cardboard box bits. And then dinner before part two of dominating my roomspace.
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Dinner Time and Part Two

Room Domination Commenceth.

I am thinking about dinner at this point. Last food was a banana at 2:00 p.m.

I still have two bags of garbage and small cardboard box of cardboard box bits, which is now almost full. I have dumped all of my non-food magazines and the one or two copies of MetroSports that I have lying around into bags for recycling. But most of that was earlier, so what on earth did I spend the last hour doing?

I actually got to the wall. The wall in question has the heating vent in it, so it has been difficult to use for shelf space. But with application of nifty cinderblocks from under my bed (I have two cinderblocks left to start another shelf if I want) and an ex-table leaf from Eeeeka, I have now converted the area around the heating vent into a shelf, where I can put things like my makeup, and maybe even move my alarm clock.

But that still leaves the two yucky areas. These are currently the two corners around the closets. Oh, make that three. My bed is not only yucky because of all the crap I have been putting on it today, but it is also still unmade. So, I have three yucky areas. At the rate of one an hour, I should be done cleaning my room at 10:00 p.m. (Not that it should take a full hour to clean off my bed)

I moved my books to their appropriate shelves, and even found more books. If I am lucky, I will have enough space on my current shelving. But other than that, I still have some laundry in my room that I need to deal with, and some laundry that I can now hang up (which will allow me to use the laundry basket for dirty laundry again).

Food. Food then more cleaning. Time to talk to C-chan.
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It is done

My room is as spotless as 6.5 hours of Shawna work can make it. The floor is visible except in the area where the laundry is waiting for me to say Sunday is laundry day, there are only a couple of spots that have anything on the floor, and those are baskets that I will organize tomorrow morning. Now I just wait for my laundry to get done, so I can put clean bedding on my futon.

My bookshelves are reorganized, my incense is out and happily burning, and I now officially know that I do not have enough space for more books. Soon I will be stacking all of my soft covers on their sides for more bookie goodness.

Wow, my room is clean. Now I just have another two rooms to square away (kitchen stays mostly clean because I wash the floor and dishes get done, etc) before Thanksgiving, when hopefully throngs of people will descend upon the home cooked meal like vultures without dissentary.

Yeah, me!

And I trashed lots of things from EchoMail. Yeah, verily did I toss the EPRI proposal materials, and also did I toss much marketing and book research into large black bags.
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