October 22nd, 2002


I am sort of dying my hair

I picked up a trial size of some blonde hair dye at Harnetts on Saturday. It is only supposed to be for a strand test, but my hair is very short. So, I mixed it with hot water (and using the alternate directions some Earl Grey as the best "black" tea I had around at the time and some lemon, which wasn't in the directions), and have liberally doused my bits of hair. Now it is dribbling all over the place and I will rinse it off in about 25 minutes (because I have been doing the hair dye thing for so long that I cease to follow instructions - for the color I am using they suggest 15).

If my hair has fallen off, you can all say I told you so. But hopefully I will have either achieved golden brown, which works a bit better with the black on top, or I will have at least different bits of blonde than before.

I just can't stand my normal hair (even though it generates the same level of compliments as my funky hair).
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Seven minutes

And boy does this stuff stink.

I know hair dye doesn't smell good as a normal thing, but this smells weird in ways that say it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't put in the Earl Grey with lemon.

But it isn't much longer now before I go to the sink, rinse my hair, and wash the hair again.

Actually, thinking about how much it smells and how much it has gotten on my shirt, I think I will just take a shower and get into comfy jammies and do laundry. Yeah, that's the ticket.

But at least I have another shirt to sanction as my official "cover this shirt with hair dye" shirt. I threw out the other one in my mad cleaning spree.
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After the wash

(lather, rinse, repeat)

OK, my hair definitely still smells, but that isn't too unusual (and at this point my nose insists alternately that it is the Earl Grey and moments later it's the dye). And there is definitely a change in the color.

The smell will be gone tomorrow with a second washing/rinsing, and my dye covered clothes are downstairs in the washer. And then I will find out if the color is so subtle that no one notices (and how observant the people in my gaming group are).

And my bus pass (which I lost today, before I went to the mall in order to find black ink for my printer) has turned up. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I put on my jacket. It was sitting next to The Japanese Experience. It is now in my purse awaiting my trip to work tomorrow.

Now to go into my room and write (or stitch or something) until it is bedtime.
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