October 26th, 2002


It was a slow day

... and the sun was beating on the soldiers by the side of the road

I have been working on and off today on my writing and a few other necessary tasks (like more black clothing). But it is hard to keep going. It is slow and wet outside, and the sound of the rain makes me want to take a nap.

But I have managed minimum required levels of productivity this weekend. I have tested a mousse recipe (which I should go back and rate) and a vegetarian shepherd's pie recipe (which really isn't a recipe, because I took the features I liked from four different recipes to make my own). These two recipes both came out well enough to be made for Thanksgiving.

Go me.
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Naps do the body good

I took an actual nap today.

This is strange.

Normally I fall asleep, intending to take a nap, and wake up again about six hours later. That defeats the purpose of a nap, making it a full fledged sleep, and generally means that I am awake at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. wondering why I took a nap in the first place.
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