October 28th, 2002


silly little test thingie

I took the test (posted by lilairen and meranthi. It told me more or less what I knew. I like to study. I am good at studying, and I have no learning-related disabilities.

Linguistic: 43
Mathematics: 45
Visual/Spatial: 33
Body/Kinesthetic: 37
Naturalistic: 37
Music: 44
Interpersonal: 36
Intrapersonal: 41

Almost makes me want to go back to college today (without paying the copious amounts of money to various institutions).
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Musical sickness

I decided after chatting with Seth and Christine earlier this week/weekend, that I would pull out my Marillion albums and listen to the really sick songs.

Like this one.

I've got a photograph
I took a picture of you
I took your picture in front of my favourite view

You play the part so well
You look so sure and free
No one could ever tell that you belong to me

And 'cause you lie so well
I've got to pin you down
Under lock and key
So you will always be in my collection

If you can't speak you can't lie
If you can't run, you can't hide
I know a place you can't die
So no one lives inside
My collection

I want to capture you
I want to immortalise
The way you play with your hair
The way you flash your eyes

I taste the air you breathe
I taste the food you eat
I keep your nails and hair
And some of the clothes you wear

If you can't speak you can't lie
If you can't run, you can't hide
And if you're dead you can't die
So no one lives inside
No one lives inside my collection

I've got some photographs
I'd like to show them to you
Though you don't know the girls
You'll recognise the view...

Umm, yeah, and I love this song to death. What does that say about me?
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