November 4th, 2002


National Novel Writer's Month

November: It's not just Thanksgiving, voting, and Veteran's Day (not in that order).

If you are so inclined, you can write a 50,000 word "novel" over the course of the month and have your efforts recognized.

National Novel Writer's Month for more info.

I am not sure Nanowrimo makes a lot of sense or is even feasible, but I need the writing practice for longer length works (or rather I have no major objection to writing drivel currently).

And for meranthi, I do not glow and I am not cute.

Today's randomness (because I decided to update my journal even though I had nothing to say) is brought to you by the number 23, the letters B, C, E, and W and the phrase Skidoo.

Heh. Hail Eris!
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Thanksgiving goodness...

How weird.

I have a menu of items for Thanksgiving Collapse ), many of which were new and I needed to test. I expected to spend most weekends between now and Thanksgiving testing recipes, but it appears that I have already tested all of the recipes as of Sunday.

I should be able to start cooking for Thanksgiving up to four days in advance by making at least one of the desserts in advance and things like the cranberry juice and sauce. Most of the other dishes only take an hour or two to make and can be made the day before for extra spice melding or the day of if I get lazy.

And this isn't including the things that people might bring (my invite to people suggested that if they wanted to bring something to bring appetizers or sides). And all of this food is for six people (eight for dessert). Thank the Gods for the freezer.

(anyone want to come over for Thanksgiving that I am not aware of?)
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