November 6th, 2002


Life is full of (liquid) crack

Last night I sat around drinking crack (Code Red) and watching crack (Excel Saga).

Amusing. There isn't really a plot to speak of (not in the first five eps), and the characterization is pretty far fetched at times, but it still manages to be fun (in a sugary mind-blowing kind of way).

So, I took this little test that C-kun found on the web: "What Excel Saga character are you?"

and I am...

Woah is me.
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And I just took an Utena test (or two)

on one test (whichever one is with SelectSmart) I came out as Utena.

on the second test I came out as:

I think test two is more accurate. Opinionated, strong willed, cynical, but still manages to have just enough friends to not be a llittle island of anger ^_^; (Granted, Juri has more extreme mood swings than I do, but that is another matter.)
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