November 7th, 2002


Freelancy Things

Well, I am about to get ready for cross-stitchy goodness tonight, but I figured I would take a peek at what topics were currently available at is still one of the places I want to write for, despite their problems. However, I know now that I need to be not only informed about my subject, but also willing and able to take a good look (and ask questions) at the topic and the Editorial preferences.

Applying to is a time consuming effort. I lost weeks where I didn't speak to people much, because I was busy writing articles about water conservation or recycling. These articles didn't get me the job, because they were looking for issues (not how to do recycling, but does recyling work). The Editorial Board said evergreen content, and I gave them that, but not with the focus they were looking for. I spent three weeks on my site for them, where I lived and breathed the environment each day, and was rejected.

However, they always have topics becoming available when people either no longer have time to work on their topics or they decide they want to be able to write on this topic for other publications (which you can't do when you are working for

The current available topics don't really work for me. I don't know enough about them. But I can see some of these being perfect for leanne_opaskar.

So, time for me to get ready for stitchy-goodness.
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