November 10th, 2002


Will the cynic go to sleep

Things are going well between me and C-kun (boyfriend for those not in the know), even though he has not yet been subjected to most of my friends (just roomie, thastygliax and meranthi). But part of me keeps on waiting for the other shoe to fall so to speak. That things are going too well and thus something bad is going to happen, not because it should happen but because fate demands such things to happen.

I went over to C-kun's yesterday after gaming/food goodness (and having my hair buzzed). It was my mission to help C-kun entertain Jonas. So, we played three player hearts (and got our butts whooped good), three player bridge (more than one variant), watched some Love Hina and Here is Greenwood, etc. I even played a video game (not that I remember the name of it). It was a super deformed fighting game. I played Zelda and Kirby. The other two played Mario and a few other characters that I didn't remember. I even managed to come in second every once in a while.

I watched Jonas play Animal Crossing, which definitely looked like video game crack. People got sleepy around 3:30 to 4:00 a.m., and if it weren't for my nasty internal alarm going off at 8:30 I am sure that everyone would have gotten about two hours more sleep. C-kun cooked lunch for the two of us, and kicked us out of the kitchen. We were making him self conscious, because we both qualify as accomplished cooks and this was the first thing he was making from scratch. So, Jonas played more video games and I did cross stitch. I am very glad that I had the forethought to bring cross stitch or something to do.

Oh, and I brought Custard (the cuttlefish) with me. In three player bridge, Custard got to play the dummy. It was lots of fun.

And currently I have a pumpkin cheesecake baking in the oven. I used my springform pan, but I think I forgot to grease the sides, so hopefully it will come out well. The cheesecake is for C-kun's birthday, which is tomorrow.

It's just kind of weird how my gaming groups and hobbies have started to collide. And currently (since about the middle of this post), the cynic decided to take a nap. Must be the diet coke I have been drinking.
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My parents (for apples to apples fans)

I called my mom up tonight around 9:00 p.m. I knew it was a little late to be calling her, but not terribly so. Presumably she would be getting ready for bed or be in bed reading or something. The last time I called her she had made a comment about coming down to visit this upcoming weekend (November 15 to 17), but she hadn't written me a letter, so I hadn't heard from her yet.

And so I called. Three, maybe four rings later, she picks up. She is still debating coming down (and no, my mom doesn't know about C-kun yet. I try not to tell my mom the contents of the letters I am writing, because then what is the point of writing the letter in the first place.), but didn't have any concrete plans. I let her know I had gaming on Saturday, and would be done around 6:00 but that something could be arranged (like meeting each other in some location or what not for dinner). And then it came out in the conversation that I had woken her up. She had apparently gone to bed at 7:00 p.m. I made it clear that was really early (and she understood as much), and she countered that she went to sleep because it was dark.

So, for the Apples to Apples crowd: keep this in mind as one of the possible things for My Mom or My Parents cards.

In perky news, I found my tube of Cafe Tasse Tea Candy. And it was still mostly full! Yummy! (Oh, and the mini Roasted Almond Crush Pocky is darn good.)
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    Ticking tomato (for annoying pumpkin cheesecake)

More on tea candy

I usually have Japanese tea candy (milk tea, honey tea, and straight tea), but the Cafe Tasse is a bit different. It is sweet and tastes like black tea with a lot of honey.

But the roomie says that they look like cute bunny turds.