November 18th, 2002


On being productive

Today I find myself questioning the nature of productivity.

Like Dilbert I can feel productive if I have made phone calls or performed other tasks that tend towards the dead end (aka, I do the task, but I may need to wait for over a week or more before I get a response).

My job is usually good for allowing me to feel productive. I have bins, which hold the different updates I need to file. Some bins usually fill with weeklies, like anything by the Commerce Clearing House or the Bureau of National Affairs. Others are quarterly or monthly updates. These range from 100 pages (or less) to over 1,000 pages to update. If the bins go from full to close to empty, then I have done my work and done it well.

Usually I have one "unproductive" day where I don't make much ground versus the piles of stuff that will be added once I am gone for the day. And then there are Fridays where I normally get a lot of work done, usually twice that of any other day for all that I am only there for another hour.

Today was one of those days where I don't feel like I got anything done, but there were (as of when I got off work) almost no books to shelve, two updates that I had found the missing book for, and three empty bins. Yet, I don't feel like I really made any progress. Heh. Life is just full of things like this.
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