November 25th, 2002


Swamped Shawna

Life is going well, but I find myself waking without the alarm at early times again. I know I have a lot to do (mostly holiday related) for friends and family. Gifts to make, food to make, recipes to write out.

My holidays start around Halloween and continue through Christmas. Everything I want to celebrate and all of the people I want to see, I usually make a special point of visiting during that time. This is the time when I cook just enough to remind myself that yes, I still can cook, though I won't cook for just myself.

And of course, this is when my body decides it wants to catch a cold. I have sneezed about 6 times in the stacks (well, maybe more. I can't remember how many of those were triple sneezes). I keep going to the bathroom to wash my hands (yes, this is TMI, but I am too lazy to do a lj-cut right now). I have been drinking water and tea with honey, and I will probably go home and pack and make one or two of the dishes I need to cook for the holiday, and then I will leave for gaming.

Why does it feel like I have too much to do?
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One dish down...

The cooking spree has begun.

1st. Cranberry Juice with Cinnamon and Ginger (to be possibly added to sparkling cider)

Now I get to make recipe cards for the different dishes, so that people with allergies will have an idea what is in the food and how to make it if they decide they really liked it or something.

And load of laundry 2 is in the washer.

I may not make this month productive for freelancing, but it remains productive for general life stuff.

Yeah me.
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