November 29th, 2002



Yesterday. It went almost perfectly. There were dishes that weren't even touched, and then there were dishes that the people (mostly who lived there) noshed on after 10:00 p.m.

The homemade croutons came out well, and the brussel sprouts will now be nuked to the point where they should have been yesterday. Ooops. But other than that, there was lots of good food, and I managed to put away a lot of leftovers.

There were enough people that for once there weren't quite as many leftovers as normal. I think we have enough for a couple of meals, but not quite enough for Christine and I to make a week of vegetarian lunches out of.

And now I get to clean. The apartment, mostly the kitchen, is in need of some serious love. There are a pile of dishes, and I might want to clean the floor closest to the stove (at least). I also ought to wash the table in the livingroom upon which we put the food.

C-kun had to go to work today, and so he has already left (with lunch, yeah!). I would like the place back to its former pre-Thanksgiving messiness before he gets back, so I won't have to do dishes or other bits of sad boringness.

And there was lots of bridge yesterday. Yum. (and boy am I just tired enough to be coherent but rambling)
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