December 5th, 2002


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Today's been one of those not quite blah, but not quite good days. There is snow (a good thing) and I got extra work (three hours closer to doing something to my hair?), but there has been this ever-present miasma about the day.

I think most of this is the result of guilt. When I am at work, I look at the bins where I place the different filings and I attempt to organize what I am doing and when (there are things that are higher priorities). It is only in weeks like this when we are receiving end of year filings, monthlies, some strange quarterlies, and a double load of weeklies that it feels like I am not getting caught up and that I am falling ever behind.

I am a workaholic and a recovering perfectionist. I try very hard to do my work quickly and accurately. It is just when the work piles up that I feel defeated.

I am glad that I got to work for an extra three hours today. Those hours saved my scheduled work from becoming further backed up.
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