December 10th, 2002


Slowing Down

Well, I guess I am not dead, though that is doubtful looking at my live journal.

When my life is busy the first thing that seems to go is the journal and then email. I want to remain connected to my friends, but the busy-ness eats those first, followed by sleep, and then by food. Food is last because it keeps me going through anything.

I have a pile of filings that I want to get done today. Technically there are only two of them, but they are rather thick. They could be very complex or very simple and there is no way of knowing without completely opening them up (to see the instructions page).

Yesterday I slept, or attempted to do so, for about four extra hours. I was woken up by two phone calls (one of which was highly annoying, "Please hold."), but otherwise it was just me and the burial bedding.

I am not really in the mood for the holiday season. It might be that I have nothing for my family yet, and most of my friends are likewise in the lurch. Heck, I haven't even sent out cards. Piffle. Maybe I will just say screw it and give people their presents as equinox gifts and give myself a little bit more time.

This too shall pass.
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