December 17th, 2002


Oh Christmas Tree

Or in my case: Oh, Christmas Sword.

Yes, sword.

I didn't feel like paying for a tree this year. And I didn't want to bring my already winterized live tree (living on the porch) inside. So, I took my katana (on stand), pulled it away from the wall, and proceeded to dangle little blue balls and string lights around it. It is festive, if a little strange.

And there are even presents underneath.

It's no Christmas C3P0, but it will do.
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Chloe and the Gift of Doom

I had gaming on Sunday (BESM, where I play Chloe, a world-class pairs figure skater who is turning/has turned into an air elemental), where we introduced C-kun's character and tried to rescue Chloe's friend, Anna, from some unknown terror at the Old Stone Church in the White Mountains during a blizzard.

Yeah. Whew. That's a mouthful.

R-kun (one of the other players) gave out gifts before game, not thinking that he would have another session before Christmas (though we will now be playing on Dec. 23). He gave the GM and the other player books. To me, he gave a stuffed Black Knight complete with removable limbs.

The centerpiece from Thanksgiving (Delirium with fork and knife and my stuffed turkey, SD) now has four Black Knight limbs added for her dining pleasure.

Remember: The Black Knight is good with children.
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