December 24th, 2002


My view

I am sitting at my "desk" instead of working right now. I have 9 things to be filed. I am pretty sure I can do them all on Thursday without any problems. I don't think that I will get all of the nasty things I normally have to file this week in.

And so, with 10 minutes left, I am looking at the different buildings around me. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue and most of the buildings look clean from recent storms. And in 10 minutes I am going to catch the T and go to the Square to finish the last of the last minute presents, including a present to myself - earrings that don't cause my ears to become irritated and explode.

I am calm and finally coming down from my day and a half of excessive perkiness.

And there is now less than five minutes, as I wait and wonder and dream.