December 26th, 2002



Yesterday was a beautiful day. I got up early-ish, but didn't find the time to make the homemade English muffins (it's a yeast bread). We had a fritatta-type breakfast omelet that morning with juice, so for once I didn't have stocking foods (clementines and chocolate normally) for breakfast.

We eventually opened our presents, and I crossed my fingers while C-kun opened his gifts. I gave him a cross pendant (cross and chain courtesy of Beadworks) and a book and cards, none of which he had and most of which he was planning on getting for himself in January, so I (and he) was well pleased.

I got many a pretty book and toy, including 13 little zombies, Coraline (which I really wanted and will read on the way home to Maine on Tuesday!), Death Cards (more yeah! my mom will love it when I pull those out, heh heh), and other sweetness.

One of the cute things I received was Yoshi Calimari, the gay octopus (umm, Cthuloid relative), which C-kun took at one point and ran around the two apartments until he threw it on the bed where he had hidden his present to me. It was an enormous and soft white stuffed bear with a maroony bow tie. It is now named Bjorn Aphrodite (bjorn = bear).

We played lots of games and I used the organizer thing last night to start neatly putting away my craft supplies, starting with the yarn.

And now there is today. C-kun was sent to work with soup and clementines, and I have yoghurt and fritatta. meranthi has other leftovers for lunch.

Tonight I will do laundry (three to five loads depending on how much bedding I do), and then I will sit and finish organizing craft supplies while T&E are doing B5.

Ah, it's a wonderful day.
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When is it over

Christmas this year is extending far beyond what is normal for me. I will be going home in only six days, hopefully with my family's presents in a box. I have something for my mom (in case the stuff to be finished isn't done) and I will soon have something for my dad (more cooking this weekend). After that, I only need to work on something for my brother and maybe something for my grandmother.

I then get to spend a lot of time working on cross-stitch for my rotation. I need another 10 hours or so to finish the Hardanger on the sampler, so I might try and get that done this weekend (when everyone is out).

I have two (well, three actually) gift certificates to spend, but they will wait until January. I wonder what being home will be like this year.
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1.25 hours to go

I only have 1.25 hours to go before I can either eat lunch or just go home (will probably eat the stuff I brought in and then go home).

I have two more filings to do.

And then when I get home there is laundry and shoveling.

Now, I need some help. I have done shoveling. It was about eight years ago (or more). Now, where is the best places to put the stuff? I know I shouldn't block the driveway, but is it OK to put the snow where D-san has his plants? Or should I work on shoveling into the two areas in front of the house (along the curb).

Where, oh where, should all the snow go? Oh where, oh where, should it be?
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I have been meaning to take that test that meranthi posted about over a week ago, and I finally did.

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I consider myself pagan for a number of reasons, which I will not go into (but will if asked). Most of my reasons are probably a little on the juvenile side, because I made these decisions years ago and have not really revisited them since except vaguely in the format of my religious gaming characters.

So, these results are not terribly surprising.

And in the tradition of thastygliax, results for Chloe:

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Warning: There is a lot of stuff behind the cuts.
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