December 30th, 2002


When life is too full


This weekend was very much a get up and go type of weekend. I spent most of my time between point A and point B without too much to show for it. Watertown, Somerville, Arlington, Harvard Square, Copley. Whew.

Unfortunately, it means I didn't recharge. I am more than vaguely irritable and sort of want to go home, but I am not tired and really need company more than solitude (quiet, sitting company).

And it was even worse for C-kun. I at least didn't need to go to Braintree.

And tomorrow I go to Maine and I still need to finish packing.

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More stupid quiz results:

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Outside of quiz results, most of my packing is done. I have decided to take my purple backpack for its leet two pocket design (so I can cart cross-stitch and computer and stuff in an easy to access region).

Now that I am home, I find that I am doing better and can actually deal with the annoyances of too much to do better. I am calming down and chatting with autumnesquirrel and that makes life good. (Roman Dirge crack...)

It is nice to have the holiday season mostly over no matter how much I enjoyed it. Holidays are always stressful, leaving me restless and vaguely schizoid.

In a little under 24 hours I will be heading home on the bus, missing my friends, and waiting to go home.
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