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13 November 2002 @ 01:06 pm
A mopey day  
It seems like almost everyone at work is a bit subdued today, and I am certainly no exception. I have been wandering the stacks, filing updates with little success. Most of the materials I need are checked out (without actually using the check out card).

It is pretty gray outside, and I am not sure how effective I will be when I get home. Things are coming apart in my head (mostly because I am not sleeping well) and I will probably get home and stare at the ceiling for a bit before I do anything productive.

But considering that I have a tremendous knot in the back of one of my shoulders (it feels like it is under the scapula), it is possible that my back alone is what is causing my mopiness.

Time to buck up and get my perky genes (jeans?) out when I get home.

(This morning I was considering going for a run. As much as I am not enthused now, maybe if I do go for a run that will get me out of my rut.)
Feeling like: sadsad
Listening to: Eeeeka chatting
empty heart on fire: treesolipsistnation on November 13th, 2002 10:54 am (UTC)
It's a subdued sort of day.
thastygliax on November 13th, 2002 01:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's been a blah sort of day. This rain is *supposed* to dry up for a while starting tomorrow, which might help.

I'm pretty sure I don't suffer from S.A.D.--nothing like some of my friends, anyway--but I vastly prefer dramatic but short precip to this halfhearted, outstaying-its-welcome sort of week o' gloom we've had. (What's the point of having unseasonably warm days in Nov. when it's wet all the time?)

If you need someone to pound on your back, I'll be home for at least a little bit tonight. (Still undecided about game night...I want to go, but might need the extra sleep more.)