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26 November 2002 @ 09:47 am
Gaming last night  
I am taking a little break from shelving books (over half way done them and onto RIA for today, w00t!).

Those that read Bostongamers will have seen C-kun's rant about the railroaded game (combat with 6 party members already weakened/low on spells/etc. against 14 orcs). We had the session last night to shorten the amount of time between sessions.

We knew the session was going to start with combat. 6 people on war horses against 5 orcs on horseback, 4 on foot, and 4 crossbow men on two rooves. The monk was on one roof with the main fighter and the rogue going against the four orcs on foot. That left the cleric, the druid, and the wizard against the five orcs on horseback.

My character, Lazuli, cleric of Tyr, cast Bless and was immediately held. The following round the wizard cast Dispel Magic, freeing her. She immediately cast Prayer. Lazuli is a trained fighter (cleric with the War domain) on a light warhorse. She used her horse for cover, commanded it to fight, and fought herself besides. She cast Spiritual Weapon and converted Searing Light to cure the wizard for 25 points of damage (almost maxed out).

However, the battle was not with us. The orcs were strong fighters with the tactical advantage from the rooftops. The monk disabled the two crossbow men on one roof and the fighter and rogue were making good work of the orcs in the back, but five against the "weakest" members of the group was overwhelming. The rogue went down and died with a greatsword through his side, my character was hit with a sword after one crossbow bolt too many and went down in her saddle. The druid and the wizard both were knocked to under 0 and stabilized (will wonders never cease).

It turned out that the orcs wanted to capture us for the slave pens. They currently have Mira (the fighter), Heimdal (the wizard), Lazuli, Garin (the druid), and Daria (the cleric we thought was dead) in a pen. They stabilized us after the fight, stripped us of all our possessions (including clothing), and tied us up. We're being fed gruel and kept in a barred room with four armed guards at all times.

Now we're just waiting for the character who survived (the monk ran away when he saw the fighter go down) to rescue us. Heh.

All in all, one character death, and two people who changed characters.

I could have decided to change characters, but I figured I would keep my fighting bandaid.

Last night was fun, but commuting from Watertown at any time of day or night is annoying.
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