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26 November 2002 @ 03:08 pm
When life is good  
I found the recipe I used two years ago for the eggnog pie. I just typed what I was looking for into google and went through about 8 pages of links before I found the exact recipe I used.

My grocery list is done, and my list of what to make when is also done. Per normal, there is only so much that can really be made before. However, the things that I am making the day of are a number of "make early and then bake whenever" and crockpot-ables.

I am pleased. There will be tasty things to eat and not all of them will require Tim to break out immense amounts of Lactaid (and frankly, anything that can be made with Lactaid milk that doesn't include heavy cream or whipping cream will be made that way).

I feel like I am ready for anything!
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thastygliax on November 26th, 2002 01:13 pm (UTC)
Huzzah for cooks who use Lactaid milk for their mildly intolerant friends! (Wait, that didn't come out right...)