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27 November 2002 @ 07:15 pm
An amazing day  
Well, this is the first time I am at my computer since leaving work.

I went to get more groceries and to get peppermint mocha latte from the evil starbucks, and then I came home to start cooking.

I have made over half of the things on my list for today. I am currently taking a break so Christine can do some pumpkin pie things for a bit, and then I will go there and work on the eggnog pie and the eggnog frosting.

This time I swear I will write down the ingredients and amounts I use as I make it, so I will be able to more easily recreate this dish. (And the cake became a little whole-y as it came out of the bundt pan... next time grease pan better?)

My living room is mostly clean. I just needs me to put away my mythos cards and to close a box of books (another one... I had enough books in the living room to fill another box!!) and sweep. Not too bad. My desk looks nasty, but that can't really be helped if I want to finish the next three items.

Left on my list:
eggnog pie (and while I am at it the frosting for the cake)
pumpkin mousse

That leaves the mashed potatoes, a bit of work on the corn chowder, veggie pot pie, fudge, brussel sprouts, and the crumble left to deal with for tomorrow. Oh, and the meat. Can't forget that.
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